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I am largely inspired by the environment and archaeology of the Outer Hebrides. The sea brings strange flotsam and jetsam from a vast catchment and transforms and slowly owns man-made objects. Storm surges reveal ancient burials, artefacts and structures, and rain and the acidic gneiss of the island's interior combine to form a thick blanket of peat. 

I rarely return from a walk empty handed. As an obsessive collector, I often prolong the moment of discovery by making the things I find into something new. Much of what I make is related to ideas around ageing, death and metamorphosis. This is not intended as morbid or negative, but as a neutral and inevitable process. 

Living on North Uist for much of my life, I am constantly aware of tidal ebb and flow, as well as weather and seasonal changes. Surrounded by a myriad of other creatures...birds, insects, mammals and fish, all feeding, breeding, dying and decaying, makes the latter seem natural and familiar.


Beacon Studio, North Uist 2010

Art on the Map, North Uist 2015/16/17

UAA Open, North Uist 2015/16/17

Sollas Collective, North Uist 2017

Dundas St Gallery*, Edinburgh 2019


'Creag Agus Uisge' - awarded 4 stars by Duncan Macmillian, Art Critic, Scotsman

"Bird in Tree...made by Fergus Granville is one the most striking objects..."

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